04 May

We have created a business unit for the healthcare sector

The company Manly Interlinings, based in Parets del Vallès, has always made interlinings for the fashion sector – fabric that gives shape and consistency to clothing (for example, fabrics that strengthen the neck and cuffs of a shirt). With everything at a standstill and the shops mostly closed, this family business has had to reinvent itself, dedicating 50% of its production to the healthcare sector, as they now also make fabric for masks. They have so far manufactured more than 2 million metres of fabric, which equates to 80 million masks. Thanks to this ability to adapt quickly, they have managed to hit a turnover of more than 20 million euros, twice that of last year.

Laura Granada - Manly SEO
Laura Granada – Manly SEO

As CEO Laura Granada explains, the change required a lot of effort. “We have 25 workers and at first we had to lay people off temporarily, but we immediately started researching with the engineers and the quality department about what we could do with our stock, and we created a new business unit focused on healthcare.”

Granada acknowledges that this saved the company, even if it is not their main business. “The mask fabric business is declining now,” she says, because there’s been a lot of supply and “too little control, as a lot of fabric is not approved and doesn’t meet requirements.”

Full content: https://www.cataloniatoday.cat/article/1939649-growing-businesses-the-other-side-of-the-health-crisis.html

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